The health and well-being of the cattle has the highest priority at Sönneböe.
The animals may not be stabled during the winter due to their horns and nature.
The herds are moving around on large areas year-round with access to old forest consisting of mainly oak, beech and hazel.

No medicine is given to the animals except for external application of remedy against lice and tick.
The cattle eats only grass and leaf and are only given minerals and salt, no grains or any other supplementary forage.
Winter forage of the highest quality is procured from a farmer in the vicinity of Åhus.
The calves suckles their mothers up to ten months of age when they are naturally driven off by the cow.
All calves gets at least two grazing seasons before they are sold as breeding animals or are slaughtered.
New animals are not introduced on the farm to minimize the risk for contagion with disease, except for the breeding bull that is exchanged about every eight years.
The husbandry at Sönneböe has the highest health status with the Paratuberkulos programme (
All the animals on the farm are pedigreed.
No chemicals or fertilizers are used on the farm.

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